The Making of Max Spiers

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max spiers

Max Spiers. Saint? Sinner? Or something else?

Recently I was banned from the Bases Project on Facebook for criticizing the angelic and apparently recently beatified Max Spiers.


You see, Max Spiers was on his way to becoming Jesus. At least a lot of people thought so.

Max Spiers was/is an intelligent asset heavily handled by British spooks. He was cultivated into a particular personality.

He was paired with Sarah Adams. Kind of like Kim and Kanye. How cute! People can’t resist such a cute couple. I know I’d flip on my my TV to watch them go shopping and talk about UFOs all day long. I’d probably even buy the t-shirt.

There is very little evidence to back up who or what Max really is. Is he really dead?

Always ask the question who does this really serve.  Because in the intelligence game it always serves some agenda.

And if you can believe the Max Spiers game you can believe any false flag they throw at you…Like 9/11, and etc ad infinitum.

He has also been accused of stealing legitimate researchers ideas. And why would intelligence want to get a hold of that? So they could repackage it perhaps? Muddy the waters perhaps?

This site tells us about some of his acting skills:

Max Spires and Orlando Bloom

“Max quickly fell into drug addiction and alcoholism and Orlando’s career bloomed. Both men also studied drama at the same school in London before Max left for addiction issues and both men also auditioned for the same role Orlando eventually won for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings.”

Max Spiers is/was a pawn in an intelligence game. A low level player trotted out to entertain the masses.

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The Roman Cult Hated the Druids

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The Roman Cult Hated the Druids

The Roman Catholic Church, aka as the Roman Cults are rolled into one, wanted to exterminate the Druids.

Saint Patrick was an agent of Rome sent to infiltrate the Druids.

Saint Patrick is said to have exterminated the snakes from Ireland. This is code language for exterminating the Druids from Ireland.

Snakes are Earth energy sensitives and can sense Earth energy ley lines and magnetism.

This ‘snake’ knowledge was well known around the world.


snake goddess minoan

Minoan Culture Crete Greece

Four leaf clover represents: the four corners of the Earth the four seasons


clover 4 leaf


Druids represented a threat to Roman power because they understood Earth energies, the Earth Grid Matrix and the Energy of the Standing stones.

If you don’t think this is true, ask yourself why the British Military owns many old stone sites and don’t want you to access Stone Henge.

Classical Freemasonry knew about these old Earth Energies, encompassed in the ley lines of the land. That is why Cathedrals/Churches are built on ley lines.

Otto Rahn, at one time employed by Himmler and the occult branch of the SS, believed that the Druids morphed into the Gnostic Cathars.

The Druids had to go underground with their knowledge and their networks so as not to be completely wiped out by the Roman Death Cult.

Some people believe that the Knights Templar knew about this knowledge, and that is why the Catholic Church assassinated its leader, Jacques de Molay.

Jacques de Molay and the Knights Templar were friends of the Cathars. They were not fans, nor friends, of the Roman Cult Catholic Church.

Members of the dark occult use this ancient ley line knowledge to pollute the Earth energy network with ritual sacrifice of humans.


Cowan, R. David, and Anne C. Silk.   Ley Lines of the U.K. and U.S.A.: How Ley Lines were used by the Church, Royalty, City Planners and the Freemasons. Kempton, IL.: Adventures Unlimited Press.

Rahn, Otto. Crusade Against the Grail. Rochester, VT : Inner Traditions, 2006.

Wheatley, Maria. Divining Ancient Sites: Insights into Their Creation. Wiltshire, UK: Celestial Songs Press, 2014.

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Meanwhile, back on planet Earth

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As a member of the human species homo sapien what should you be paying attention to on planet Earth?

Many homo sapiens expect to be magically provided for…Like they are in the garden of Eden or something — and many believe that they need the magick money to be happy because it will cure all their problems. They have been led to believe that this made up thing, called moneyis the cure for all human ills.

Sad, but true. But this has been the biggest black magick trick of all time.

So when the ‘conquerors’ of the Americas came to town the Native peoples here were more than a little perplexed that they were being offered ‘money’ for ‘their’ land.

The Natives proved stubborn in most cases — being they weren’t as susceptible to black magick money tricks like the Europeans because the Europeans had been under the spell of the Catholic Church and black money magicians for a long time and they had become divorced from a harmonious Earth path.

As a consequence, devious Rome (aka as the Catholic Church, Vatican etc.) and its minions decided to get rid of many of them so they could steal the Earth and use the resources in the Americas. Which of course still goes on today: timber, mines, etc.

This is the American example, but of course it goes on everywhere because people have faith in ‘science’ to cure their Earth problems thinking these science black magicians really want to help them with their vaccines and secret space program.

Sad, but true. Humans are being harvested for their labor, which is the only ‘real’ thing that can be experienced and measured. Not ‘money.’

So with all that in mind if you want to survive on planet Earth what do you need to do?

First of all, as a trained biologist, I have to break it to you that you are just another species on Planet Earth. You really aren’t that special, and in most cases, rather pathetic compared to other species, like dolphins for example. Of course I’m admitting my bias here but what do you expect from a fellow human?


penis seed michigan state university

Nature has a sense of humor


So if you really want to exist on Planet Earth you need to pay attention to basic things like habitat and things to eat. These are the first two things you learn as a biologist that a species needs for survival.

What is a habitat?  It is a place to live.  And no, I don’t just mean a house. Go outside and look around. So what do we know about our habitat?

Our habitat is being poisoned. We are being sprayed by chemtrails that the government is of course, lying about. Why are they doing this? The main objective we are unsure about but one thing we know for sure is they are altering our habitat.

More habitat pollution: You can be sure we may not survive the major nuclear poisoning from the air and sea from Fukushima. That’s a fact. So why do we have nuclear power plants? That’s a good question. Maybe we were lied to in regards to how safe they are. Why would the powers that be do that to us? If you haven’t woken up to the fact the governments all over the world lie to people than you’re living on a different planet than I am.

Food Sources. If you want to know what Genetically Modified Organisms do to your body I suggest you read Seeds of Deception. It will tell you everything you need to know.

Water Sources. Well, well, well humans are waking up to the fact that they need clean fresh water to drink. And they have always taken it for granted that they can turn on their tap and get fresh water. Not any more.

Flint, Michigan, for example, woke people up to the fact that lead poisoning by pipes is just the tip of the iceberg in many communities.

So we can play head games, toilet games, celebrity games…for not much longer.

Future generations are counting on you to wake up. Because if you don’t…There won’t be any.





And now the cover-up murders begin in Flint, Michigan:

Michael Moore to Obama: Flint will riot ‘soon’ if you don’t #ArrestGovSnyder


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