Sacred Water Story Song

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Onaman Collective




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The Language of Water

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I was recently at the Water is Life Strengthening the Great Lakes Commons, a community based summit of Michigan,  Ontario, and Indigenous residents opposing
commodification and privatization of water.

Please feel free to share and distribute the film I made for educational purposes.

Water is Life Summit Sponsors:

Corporate Accountability International
Council of Canadians
Flint Democracy Defense League
Food & Water Watch
For Love of Water
Grand Rapids Water Protectors
Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa & Chippewa Indians
Great Lakes Commons
Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation
Michigan Welfare Rights Organization
People’s Water Board
Story of Stuff
Water You Fighting For
Wellington Water Watchers



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Venezuela; National Sovereignty; #UNRIG

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Narcissistic millenial ass loving idiots proving to be fuel for the fire fodder for destruction of Venezuela. #retarded.  But go on, continue with your aping of the butt loving #kardashians you shameful primates…





“The significant underlying reason for the relentless US economic attack on Venezuela through its weapon of choice, economic sanctions, which always leads to unbelievable suffering of the people in the targeted country by applying “soft power” on respective governments, has a lot to do with the discovery of a huge deposit of coltan (considered a “conflict mineral“) in Venezuela…

Coltan is used in a large variety of consumer electronics, tantalum electrolytic capacitors and smart phones among many other uses…

This is why under President Obama, Venezuela was named a “national security threat”.  A “national security threat” to America’s corporate-industrial demand for minerals. Venezuela has a huge deposit of coltan in ore and is considered Venezuela’s “blue gold.”

Able Danger

Little toys and trinkets are useful distractions before the predators swoop in for the kill. #corporations #military #invaders

City of London




Trump Threatens “Further Action” Against Venezuela at UN

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