CERN, Aleister Crowley, and that Old Black Majick

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CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) is really an updated ‘high tech’ equivalent of very old, dark occult magick.  Purportedly there is a scientific motive for CERN. But there are other speculations. Because, let’s face it, science and the occult go hand in hand.

The occult has always been in existence, at least as far as we humans are concerned. Some examples are Neanderthals burying their dead in red ochre, hoping that the Earth would receive them well in her womb (and therefore be reborn); and people doing experiments involving praying over grass to make it grow better. Surprise, surprise. It does.

Accordingly, magician adepts have always known about beings that could be contacted to do their bidding, and the ultimate illusion of space/time. These magician adepts knew that the universal space/time fabric could be changed, or bend, according to their wills.

Christopher Marlowe warned of these dark occult undertakings in Doctor Faustus.

Aleister Crowley, a dark magician well versed in subterfuge and camouflage, was also well versed in the dark occult.  Crowley was employed by the the British Secret Service (read the bankers, City of London) during WWII.(1) He liked to frolick around with Jack Parsons of JPL fame, and his consort, Marjorie Cameron.  The threesome were trying to break into space/time and open a portal.

Did they?

1. Spence Richard B. (2008) Secret Agent 666.  Port Townsend, WA: Feral House.

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Pedophilia Inc.: The International traffic in children for profits in perversion – some themes

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Research in the Control of Humanity

church doorSo I’ve been doing a lot of research. And I’ve found that fiction is easier to write. Everything flows from your character’s intentions, hidden or not. But what about a book on international pedophile rings? What is the underlying theme? Searching…always looking at the big picture, filling in the details…finally I had my aha! moment. And it’s still about thematic intentions. Are you with me so far?

The basic underpinning of the New World Order (NWO) is an utter contempt of the masses of humanity. Implicit in this general feeling towards the world’s population is a philosophical and religious approach that has been set in motion. This intention is based in antiquity and can be characterized as the NWO basic modus operandi behind the elite’s methods of control and subjugation of the Earth’s population.

To understand the elite’s intention (and to understand a criminal you have to understand how they think – and feel) we have to go back in time. Many myths harken back to a mystical ‘golden age’ where things were easier for humans and there was no want, no disease and no suffering. Such was the tale of the Garden of Eden in the Christian Bible which can be interpreted from many different contexts. The field of Transpersonal Psychology, which is defined as development beyond conventional, personal or individual levels, describes this golden age mythology as memories of being in the mother’s womb, or an actually historical remembrance of pre-recorded history. Perhaps it is combination of both.

If you, like the elite, believed that the masses of humanity were simple cogs in the vast machine of your design, you would construct all laws, dealing with commerce, industry and religion to benefit yourself and your kind when dealing with the little cogs in your machine. Everything benefits YOU – the ELITE. You would also like the separate cogs not to know about the machine that they are a part of, so you would have secret societies, groups and religions to maintain the illusion of separateness via your propaganda. Only you and your fellow elites would know of the GRAND DESIGN.

Compartmentalized at the top are the death instigators. Waiting for the plan, their paradise…to unfold. They plod forward while the rest of humanity is trodden underneath. The secret elite found that within the Cabbalistic confines of the Catholic Church and Freemasonry they could adhere to such ideals. It is the master race that the Zionists speak of. And nowhere can you find such attitudes better exemplified than within the Saturnian Death Cult.

“You see, the World Zionists are basically a sophisticated Luciferian death cult with franchisees all over the world and view their role to minister death to the masses in order to thin the herd and therefore protect and purify the human race.”

                                                                        Preston James PhD, Veterans Today

The Freemasons have ensconced this longing for a ‘golden age’ in their artwork in the NWO airport at Denver Colorado. Where located within their Dick and Jane primer pictoral of paintings there asserts their fantastical vision for humanity. As noted in the paintings apparently this vision includes eugenics, or a great culling of humanity, wherein then there will be a paradise according to their ideals.

To degrade humanity into slave beasts is what the equation is all about. On an energetic personal and soul level a very real aspect of this is the sexual abuse and sacrifice of children. The children are sexually abused and sacrificed as a perversion of energy that should be considered sacred, for the children represent the continuation of humanity. But the life force, the sacrosanct, is used by the elite to capture, subdue and degrade humanity.

The Catholic Church is part of the subjugation equation. The church is really a Satanic subversive institution–which is why they have a light and dark side–and thus have a white and black pope. The Satanic mass is the reversal or underbelly of the Catholic mass, which is on display for public consumption. The 9th Circle and Knights of Darkness are documented Satanic (or dark occult) groups within the Catholic church that utilize sexual abuse and sacrifice as part of their rituals.

The reversal of energy for good and turning it into its polar opposite is being executed on a grand scale. It has been going on for quite some time and it’s only getting worse. People recognize that something is wrong but they aren’t quite sure what it is, and the elites sure aren’t going to tell us.

On a spiritual level part of the grand design and current strategy is to uphold and revere a fascistic patriarchal god and stamp out the holy aspects of the feminine. This has also been going on for some time; the suppression of women’s rites is now acknowledged in the archaeological research and thoroughly discussed and documented by scholars such as Merlin Stone.¹

The global intelligence agencies are involved in this subversive power struggle with the people on very deep levels. And nowhere is this power struggle better exemplified than the consistent protection of powerful pedophiles and sadists in society and government. This is being manifest on a global level.

During investigations of elite pedophiles the intelligence agencies consistently claim national security issues are involved and therefore: 1) shut down investigations of pedophile networks and/or cases or 2) claim non-disclosure agreements of evidence must be used within the court systems involving these elite individuals.

As Mark Phillips in Trance Formation of America states: “All avenues for justice and rehabilitative relief have been blocked for For Reasons of National Security. The question arises, whose security?”²

Why do the intelligence agencies do this?  At the top of the intelligence hierarchy they are all on the same boss–the central bankers, whose intelligence control base is located in Zionist Israel. For the elites, control is at the very top of their fascistic agenda and the intelligence services do not work for us; they work for the centralized banking cartel at the top of the pyramid. So in a very real sense, there are national security issues involved, because once the woven thread of control is tugged upon within the tapestry of power it all starts to unravel. And this thread leads to a very twisted yarn of mind control and dark occult rituals that degrade humanity.


Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino, Satanist and Temple of Set founder, Army Psychological Warfare specialist, and later National Security Agency (NSA) general

Is there hope? Of course. The dark forces of control are not ultimately in charge. We have only to remember that fact and reverse the spell of their slavery.

I will be including the Oakland County Child Killer (OCCK) case because I believe it is a microcosm of the macrocosm. It represents, if I had all the time in the world to research and investigate, what goes on to a greater or lesser degree everywhere in the world.

This is the thematic outline of the philosophy behind the impetus of the NWO and the pedophilia networks. Now to fill in the pages with hard evidence and case histories.

¹Merlin Stone, When God Was a Woman (New York: The Dial Press, 1976)

²Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips, Trance Formation of America ,16th ed. (USA: Reality Marketing Inc., 1995), 2.

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Shotgun Thomas

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Carolyn, my daughter, with Shotgun Thomas

My husband Mike grew up in Northern Michigan in a rural area.  In his yard they had three enormous walnut trees.  Lots of nuts means lots of squirrels.  My father-in-law, in order to keep the squirrel population down, would take his shotgun out and shoot the squirrels.  People may think this is cruel, but the squirrels would cause quite a bit of damage to the house.  They would constantly try to break into the attic.  So every so often he would have to take out his gun and glean the squirrel population.  It’s called wildlife management.

When my husband was a kid he rescued a cat that eventually had kittens in their garage.  They kept one of these kittens.  At first my father-in-law called this kept kitten Damn Cat, then Tom Cat, then the more aristocratic sounding Thomas.  When Thomas moved up the name mobility ladder he was probably coming into the house and my father-in-law was getting attached to him.

That brings me back to the squirrels. Thomas soon learned that the sound of a shotgun meant a good meal.  When a gun was fired a squirrel fell out of a tree and Thomas would eat it. So whenever my father-in-law fired the gun at a squirrel, Thomas was right there by his side, kind of like a good hunting dog.

I told this story when I was in England to my students thinking they would get a good laugh out of it.  They looked at me in horror.  My training teacher (bless her heart) broke in quickly and said that they didn’t have this kind of culture in England, that only the nobles really hunted.  Which makes sense because the nobility  have large estates and there is very little public land in England.  I think the students thought I was a gun nut or a complete hick, maybe both.  But I did get a kick out their reaction.

After some time my father-in-law had to sell his house and move into an apartment in town.  At this point in time our family was living in Marquette, Michigan, which is about five hours north of Traverse City, Michigan, where he was living.  My father-in-law couldn’t take Shotgun Thomas with him, so we decided to adopt him into the family.  Unfortunately, the day of moving Thomas was nowhere to be found.  My husband was getting frantic, because he had to leave and come back up north to Marquette with the cat.  Someone got the bright idea of getting the shotgun.  A few shots were fired off and lo and behold Shotgun Thomas ran from the horse field across the road meowing enthusiastically up the driveway- with an eye out for dropping squirrels.  My husband scooped him up and the rest is history.

So whenever I hear about gun control and how guns are bad, I think of old Thomas and those walnut trees.

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